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The Starters Inventory System is designed to provide any size or type of project with a quick and easy to implement solution to an inventory. Whether you’re writing up a quick prototype for a new project or looking for a solid baseline to expand your mechanics, Starters Inventory has the potential for not only proof of concept projects but can also be expanded to suit your own needs.

Using similar techniques and familiar mechanics to popular RPG titles, the system includes the abilities to pick up, drop, equip, and use items, alongside functionality for world containers such as chests. All of these mechanics are fully available and demonstrable in an example scene featuring all of the available item types and can be easily modified to suit your own needs.

- Basic First Person Character Controller: A simple first person character controlled for you to experiment with object interaction in the world and get a solid start for your game.
- Custom Inventories: Create new inventories for your players from their creation or create preset inventories for bosses, key characters, or specific containers.
- Equipped Items: Equip items to characters as armor or weapons. Customise the kinds of equipment slots for a character and create new items, remove any that don’t suit your needs or add more.
- Item Containers: Create containers in the world and fill them with the specific items that you need. Remove and add items to these containers as is needed both in gameplay and in the editor.
- Weight Based Inventory: Set your items to have specific weights and provide a limit to your characters. Characters can’t pick up more items after their weight limit is exceeded, while world containers don’t have a limit to the weight they can carry.
- Basic UI System: A simple UI system to display the characters held items, the equipped items, any open containers, and even an item description panel for further information about the currently highlighted item.
- Full Documentation: Complete documentation with implementation instructions and small tutorials for modifying the system. Fully commented code to make customisation easier

- Compatible with Unity 2020.1.0 and higher. Older versions of Unity may also be supported with some changes.
- Compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 or .NET 4.x
- Compatible with SRP by default. Other Render Pipelines will require material changes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact details inside the documentation.


Buy Now£10.00 GBP or more

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